Hey y’all! In today’s video I am giving a quick overview of many different types of lawyers and practice areas of law. This video is good for anyone who is still unsure about what types of lawyer they want to be or if you’re just curious about what different types of lawyers there are. There are SO MANY different areas of law so by no means is this list comprehensive but it does cover some of the more popular general areas of law. If any of these types of law strike you as interesting, I would encourage you to look more into that practice area so you can see if it’s right for you!

Be sure to let me know in the comments what types of videos you may want to see.

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  1. Love your videos and this is going to sound really random. I’ve been trying to figure out what would grab my viewers attention. And I noticed your thumbnail for one of your most popular videos…( the pink typography you used in some of your videos compliments your skin and grabbed my attention , I think you should continue to use that for your video thumbnails ) completely my opinion and just something I noticed .

  2. Timestamps

    (In case you wanna rewatch a certain type of law)

    0:00 – Intro (Advice)
    1:58 – Corporate Law (Transactional)
    3:15 – Bankruptcy Law
    4:05 – Civil Law
    5:15 – Civil Rights Law
    6:07 – Criminal Law
    7:31 – Entertainment Law
    9:20 – Intellectual Property Law
    9:51 – Family Law
    11:12 – Environmental Law
    11:58 – Labour and Employment Law
    12:42 – Personal Injury Law
    13:24 – Real Estate Law
    14:13 – Tax Law
    15:03 – Banking and Finance Law
    16:12 – Wills and Trust Law (Estate Planning)
    17:42 – Immigration Law
    18:19 – Outro (Advice)
    19:04 – What you could do 🙂

  3. Quick question with the public defenders what is your take on the stigma that the court appointed lawyers never get their clients off is it because those lawyers are not that skilled enough, are they new lawyers, or is it because they have so many cases because they are court appointed that they don’t have time to really really look at a case thoroughly?

  4. I'm Intrested in International Lawyer but I Didn't get much About what International Lawyer is Really!!? Can i know what really It is ?

    I will be thankful💕

  5. My childhood dream was to be a prosecuting lawyer but my heart is just not in it anymore. After watching this video, Civil Rights or estate planning lawyer seems more like me so thank you 🙂

  6. honestly i am only 12 but mu dream is to be a lawyer because i wanna sit above evry other human and then sya "order order" and wait some kid to say cheeseburger =D

  7. Is it possible to be a lawyer in more than one genre?

    I’m 13, 14 in November. But I’ve been wanting to be a lawyer since age 10 mainly to help/defend immigrants due to family stuff. But recently I’ve been wanting to also do corporate business law 😅

  8. I need a lawyer i played a game though play store it was called guns of glory i spent six digets on the game at first they took stuff from my castle then they took my castle from me i have proof of there wrong doings

  9. Thanks so much for this awesome video!😊 I’m about to graduate university and I’ve decided that I’m going to pursue law and go to law school! I’m excited that there’s so many specialties to choose from!

  10. I’m And inspiring lawyer still in college. When I took my freshman year class For coming to justice i failed everyone my whole life told me I’d be a great lawyer and because how I act and respond to situations.When I failed it made me want to differ from what I always wanted to do. Should I give it another try?

  11. Thank you so much for posting. I am a physician assistant and thinking about returning to law school. Love the medical field, but looking to help in other aspects of the field such as healthcare law.

  12. Law is boring. It's not what you see on tv…arguing in a court room, etc. Most of it is reviewing documents, writing documents and providing advice.

  13. aww public defender's always get a bad rap. Meanwhile they have access to the resources to really investigate your case, call experts, etc. and private attorneys are going to expect you to pay for all of that. great video! But the budding PD in me got salty lmao.

  14. Thank you for the amazing descriptions of all of these!! I have a question. Can criminal defense attorneys deny a client if they don’t think it’s in their best interest? I want to help defendants that are innocent, or good people who made bad decisions. Is that possible? Thank you! ❤️

  15. Hi there, I kinda set that law was my preferred career when I was 4 years old. I wasn't sure what kind of law but I knew it would be law related. I chose corporate during my freshman year of highschool and have kept that in mind since, I will be apply to law school this fall. Thank you so much for the video! 💙

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