Day in The Life of a Law Student | Law School Vlog 41

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Hey guys! Today’s vlog is a day in my life at law school. I tried the best i could to get little clips of everything i do throughout the day. This was a thursday where i only have 1 morning class then a long break and then law review at night. I do some homework in between classes as well as work on Youtube related things. Enjoy!

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✖ What law school? I don’t say for privacy reasons!
✖ What law do I plan on going into? Criminal defense (but I still am unsure). Eventually I want to get into appellate law and then politics.
✖ What year are you? I am currently a 1L
✖ Jesse is my BF of 7 years and we live at my parents house.
✖ What camera do you use? Canon G7x Mark ii

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  1. so im extremely uneducated on the whole law topic because I am just now getting involved, but the whole undergraduate and law school combo is super confusing to me like for example i get the concept that you take undergrad at the college of your choice, you graduate, then where do you take law school ? Ik im very dumb also would you recommend taking law school right after you graduate?

  2. I wanna ask.. does being a lawyer requires us to be mentally strong and brave? I've always wanted to be a lawyer ever since I was 9 (after watching a kdrama lol) but I'm starting to question my choice now that I'm 14. Im not shy or passive , I'm good at arguing and always won in the end (heh). I also have alot of confidence but Im always on the verge of crying whenever someone yelled at me. So I'm not sure if I can be a good lawyer

  3. Hello, I’m really enjoying your videos they’re very informative and gives me the realistic sense of what law school is about. FYI, Something that could help you out with class is, checking out, Grammarly. Com. It is a Grammar and Spelling Correction Software. It Is a Paid Subscription service but will help you in the long run. Good luck with everything and hang in there 👊

  4. I am in the third year of law school and I have completely transformed from a shy, never talking back to anyone, always calm girl to an intimidating, never dealing with others' nuisance, sometimes even sarcastic person. And I have nervous breakdowns almost always when I'm alone by myself. Pursuing this career has completely cost my health, to be honest. Yet I can't even say it was worth it.

  5. I want to be a lawyer because I’m good at arguing, pretty persuasive and quick on my feet. My mind easily takes what someone is saying and turns it into what I’m trying to say which is good and bad some times😂. Are these good skills to have as a lawyer?

  6. Everyone knows what they want to be or have no idea. But I want to either be a physicist, engineer, nurse, surgeon, lawyer, or an air traffic control person. Idk I like these ideas. Also arty things. Any advice?

  7. I’m 14 this year and since I was 12 I’ve had a passion for Law (Criminal Defence specifically) this video was really helpful thank uu : )

  8. I want to be a lawyer BUT Im portuguese, so I’ll be studying in Portugal, but as soon as I can I want to work in America, I don’t know if that’s possible because the name are very different there and I’ll probably suck at that

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