1. Miss Ad, share naman po kayo ng knowledge about Law haha any tips po para sa mga noobie na gustong matuto ng Law System sa Pilipinas? Saan po ba dapat mag umpisa. I hope this comment make some sense haha

    comment ko din to dito

  2. 11:02 share ko lang ayan din tinuro sa amin pero sa Communication Media Laws and Ethics about naman sa Libel, hindi sya magiging libelous kung hindi kumpleto ung apat na elements. All elements must be present.

  3. hello, ate ariesa. i really admire you po because i’ve learned lots of things from you. reading your books & getting to know your awesome characters, gave me such confidence and courage when i was so down before. i just want to tell you how i see and feel you as not just an amazing writer but a person. i know you’re so strong and brave. always rooting for you, ate! i love youuuu.

  4. You really need to have a good foundation with oblicon para hindi masyadong mahirap yung iba pang business law and I realized that after passing my oblicon subject hahahaha accountancy graduate here

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