Biggest Life Lessons Law School Taught Me | South African YouTuber

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  1. Awesome video!

    For anyone interested: we are currently doing a series on our channel in which we explain the basics of articles. Our first two episodes touch on the information and formalities pertaining to articles, as well as Practical Legal Training (PLT). Our third video looks at the attorneys' admission exams in depth. Next week's video looks at the salary candidates can expect as well as the daily tasks they will have to attend to, such as issuing, drafting etc. So, if you are a law student or candidate legal practitioner, check it out!

  2. I agree with you on this – I am winging 2nd year computer sciences and people think I'm coping cause I've developed the "UCT facade" while grinding in the background and it's hard for freshers because they aren't aware of this. This video really is helpful to a fresher out there😊.

  3. You don't realize how much I needed this video. Thank you so much ❤️. Have you ever thought of being an actress or a TV presenter? I feel like you should be in that space, you got the looks and you already sound like a TV host in your videos.

  4. Nontu! This is true even in other degrees, even us at med school struggle with consistency. That is the true test. Well done again for this celebration of graduating 😍

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