Best Major for Law School

Wondering what is the best major for law school? Learn some of the worst and best majors for law school. A few will surprise you.

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Today I want to discuss the best major for law school. This is important in countries like the United States and Canada, where you must first graduate from college before you can enter law school. Law schools don’t have any specific course of study requirements, which means anyone with any major can go to law school.

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  1. Hi Professor
    How lawyers earn income?
    I heard that some of them get some percentage of law suit's worth but they who are employed in company just get a fix salary, is it right?
    How about they who work in Big Laws for special fields such as oil & gas or big cases and so on?
    How about taxed?

  2. I took a 3 year break from college and got back in… Before returning my therapist talked me out of going back to school majoring in Engineering, so I chose Political Science…. I'm graduating in December and there's not a day that goes by that I wish I didn't listen to her.

  3. This is the DUMBEST shit I have EVER heard. Legal Studies degree being the biggest barrier to being successful in Law School but a Journalism degree isn't?! Get off the fucking drugs and stop giving people shit advice.

  4. Hi,
    I'm planning on double majoring in philosophy and anthropology. Are these two fields compatible with law school?

    Thanks for all your great videos!

  5. Omg I read the comments and it made me realize how different European Universities are in comparison to the U.S….No wonder everyone is drowning in debts. I thought there were only minor differences but holy shit. It sounds depressing more complicated than it should be. I really admire young american students. Fresh out of high school, yet still manage to do all that! 😭

  6. I'm about to enter college and I chose AB Literature as my pre law major. Is this also a good major to take or does it have any advantages when it comes to law school? Thank you!

  7. I’m an English major 😂 but I think that point is very generalized. Law school exams are going to be very different and I didn’t assume it would be like writing a regular essay.

  8. I am double majoring in criminology centered in criminal justice/ political science. I am trying to choose my minor in either legal studies or legal thought. My hope to plan to become a criminal defense lawyer. I am beyond excited to be on this journey.

  9. I think many law schools probably do factor in to some degree the difficulty of your majors. A 3.7 in electric engineering definitely looks more impressive than a 3.7 in political science. No offence to Polisci students; I'm just using an example.

  10. I wish I knew this earlier 🥲 I’m just beginning the process of dropping out of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY To do political science cause I thought it would be better for law school

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