Best Law Schools in the World

Discover the best law schools in the world, as I provide a list from each continent. See if your law school made the list.

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  1. In the US to have a good career you have to attend a top 14 law schools necessary, I do want to enter a good law school. I was thinking about Duke university what do you think.

  2. Well i find it strange that the University of Berlin, the Humbold University was the only one listed for Germany.
    In Germany the Humbold University of Berlin isnt special at all. It comes way behind all the Universities in Bavaria such as the University of Passau and the LMU ( If not the best adress to study law in Germany). Even Heidelberg is more famous for Law then Berlin. Also did the List not Mentioned the Private Universities in Germany. I know there are only a couple but for Example the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg made up a Name in the last few years and is known for its connections into the Companies.
    When it comes to Germany the List is just false.

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