best friend q&a: dating in law school, competitiveness, getting good grades, and more!

best friend q&a: dating in law school, competitiveness, getting good grades, and more!


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  1. I've noticed nathan wearing his berkeley hoodie in several different vids, and I was wondering if he went here. It's so cool that he coached debated at berkeley. Berkeley student intending pre-law here!!

  2. "Not now, not ever, but probably," is the best answer ever! Also, I know what you mean about turning down the music while driving to think, but I turn the music down to try and see the street signs better (which sounds horrible to say because it makes absolutely NO sense). Can't wait for the next video!

  3. I love you guys!! Absolutely the best – if I make it to WashU I'm gonna take ya'll out to Applebee's – or at least to the Starbuck's at Target😁 Have a great week!

  4. I got asked out by a section mate and I said I was busy 😅 but there’s a different section mate I totally want to ask out but I don’t have an opening. It’s all very dramatic and it’s so high school 😂

  5. As someone who's 32 (like how did that happen?) I absolutely agree about not rushing and keeping your future into perspective. I don't even remember a lot of the classes I took in college. I don't have a clue what my GPA is. I remember vague things I learned in school- definitely all the writing and research experience helped. I might remember stressing bigtime over certain projects or papers but not even what they were about. Forgot most of that almost as soon as the semester was over lol (though I will say I am surprised at the things that randomly come back to me!) I didn't go to law school, granted, but none of that has mattered in the real world. I took a gap semester and that hasn't effected my future whatsoever. I used to stress so much about schedules and electives. I'd make one year, five year, ten year plans but in reality…your life is gonna change SO much. Likely multiple times. Opportunities will come out of nowhere! Your priorities will change, your dreams will change, and all that's okay! You feel so much pressure to feel like you have it together in your early twenties, but no one out there has it together.

  6. Thank you guys for tips on the brief and oral argument!! I’m so terrified and I don’t even know why, but this brief and preparing for the argument have been the last thing I want to do and trying to find the motivation has sucked so much:/ but thank you for the tips!! ❤️

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