Advice on Getting into Law School from an Admissions Counselor at a T14 school

My first video in this “ask an expert” series. Watch this video for prime advice from an admissions director at a top 10 law school. Get the inside scoop on what it takes to get into a top law school. Commonly asked questions will finally be answered! If you have additional questions, go ahead and comment below and I’ll try to find the best answers for you. As with everything, don’t stress about applying to law school! Just do your best and the rest will work out :).

+ 2:30 – What are the most important factors for getting into law school? How can a candidate stand out?
+ 3:47 – If a student doesn’t have the “stats” should they still apply? Will they get in?
+ 5:15 – What should I write about in my personal statement?
+ 7:40 – Who should you ask for letters of recommendation?
+ 9:02 – How can a student prepare during undergrad? Does it matter what your undergrad degree is?
+ 9:59 – Does it matter what undergrad you go to?
+ 10:26 – How important are internships in undergrad?
+ 11:26 – What extracurriculars are good for law school applications?
+ 13:06 – Advice for foreign students?
+ 13:59 – Does it matter if you go to a T14 school?
+ 14:40 – Any other advice?

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  1. ok so in other words if a really smart person has a strong and high gpa and does great in the LSAT they might not get into law school versus someone who has a low gpa and a low LSAT who might have a chance to get in…did i get that correct?

  2. Hey so i jst graduated w/ my bachelor in political science but planing on workin as a paralegal for like 2-3 yrs bt i didnt really do much extracurricular activities or held leadership roles but did a political campaign internship do u think id get a chance to get in?

  3. So glad I came across this video, solid advice! I have intentions of applying to law school to become an immigration attorney and will carry these advices with me when I apply for law schools. Thank you!

  4. I have a question
    So I transferred from my community college with a low GPA of 2.7

    I have a cumulative GPA at my current undergrad university of 3.9 (expected to reach a 4.0 by the time I graduate)

    So my overall Gpa is 3.2 currently (but expected to hit 3.6 by the time I graduate)

    I was not motivated at my community college but I have gotten all A's at my current institution.

    It's my dream to go to Columbia law school or any Ivy League, so do you think they will look at my overall GPA or the Cumulative GPA I have from my current school? Or do you think if they look at both, they'll look at the fact that I really increased my performance when I transferred to a university? I worked insanely hard to get to where I am with my academics but I am really worried that the grad schools I am applying to won't notice my performance boost at my current institution.

  5. I realize this video is a little older, hopefully you still check it.

    Just a quick question: I've seen a number of videos encouraging work experience and a strong resume; does it matter if that experience is working in a legal field? I'll be attending law school in my early thirties, so I'll have 15 years work experience, but it's primarily in manufacturing. I have a strong history (two jobs, 6+ years at each), and have advanced to quite technical positions. Will that stand out at all?

    Amazing video, very insightful. Thank you for these.

  6. What's unfortunate about these days is that you can work extremely hard in high school, be valedictorian, take 8 AP classes, be the perfect candidate and you still end up going to a "no-name" college because it is what is most affordable. NYU was trying to charge me $70k a year. I also got into to the UCs. Every "prestigious" university I got accepted into was not charging me less than $50k a year for my undergrad! I hope admissions understand this loophole when they're judging an applicant by their undergrad university. A kid at my state school got into Stanford. Outrageously expensive for his situation.

  7. Hi Brittany! I am getting ready to apply this coming cycle and really crossing my fingers that I have done all the best prep I could have to make my application speak true to who I am! Thank you for conducting this interview for us all! It was very helpful 🙂

  8. I'm studying for my undergrad at the moment and I'm currently focusing on what extracurriculars will make me stand out but I'm scared that I might stand out too much??? What is the balance🥺

    Edit: I finished the video and its best to hold Leadership roles in at least 3 groups rather than be a member in 10. THANK YOU! THIS HELPED

  9. Loved this video. I’ve been wondering whether the undergrad institution has a significant impact because I went to a “no name” seemingly random school and I never see anyone really discuss this. I appreciate you asking about that and also your input on the “opportunity” part because as someone who lived in a small town in Ohio during high school and college, I’ve felt deterred at times with the lack of prestige in my internships. Thank you!

  10. Will a relatively low GPA from a school like UCSD, (yet a very high Major GPA) be outweighed by a great personal statement, addenda, letters of recommendation, and a decent LSAT score?

  11. Iam 11 yrs old.:) I really want to be an Eterny when I’m older.✨ I really want to go to Harvard,brown,Yale, I look up to you 🙂
    Iam working hard in middle school getting good grades to be accepted to those type of college. While the other girls like to spread rumors,talk about boys,drama,.”I will be ahead.and be successful.”😇
    ,’3 I also write very well!! Reading,math,science, ETC!!!
    Iam very confident.
    And thank you for the amazing advice I will need present day and future.”

  12. Thank you for the great information Brittany! I am currently completing my undergraduate degree after taking a 14 year break from school after I received my associates degree. Thru that time I worked for one employer, operating in Home Lending as a mortgage underwriter. Do you think this time gap positions me at a disadvantage when applying for law school, due to the time taken to complete my undergraduate degree? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  13. Omg Brittany! Thank you so much for this video! It really gave me a lot of insight and clarity on what I want to pursue and whether or not I want to attend law school. For a while now I have been praying and asking God to guide me in what direction of my career path to follow because I felt so overwhelmed and unsure if law school would be right for me. I am currently a sophomore political science major at Texas A&M University and until recently I was thinking about switching majors because I just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew is that I really wanted to help people, specifically underrepresented groups, and I wanted to work with public policy to achieve that. I thought maybe government work would be cool but I also had a strong desire for law and to work as an attorney. I thought to myself how can I combine these two aspects? And it wasn't until I stumbled upon your channel that I received clarity. You mentioned Public Interest Law in this video and I had no idea what that was or that it even existed until you briefly talked about it, so I did my research and found out it is exactly what I want to do! It's crazy because just a couple of minutes prior to watching your videos I had no idea what I was doing lol, and I believe that this is confirmation and honestly an answer to my prayers that God is leading me and I am on the right track. Anyways, haha sorry for the long spiel but I just had to let you know that your videos are literally a life saver and God is using you to speak to people in a big way. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Blessings 🙂

  14. Hey, Brittany!! Another great video!! I have a channel all about giving insight and advice to graduating law students and young lawyers, so let me know if you would be interested in teaming up on a video to further address the world of law after graduation! 🙂

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