Advice on Getting into Law School from an Admissions Counselor at a T14 school

My first video in this “ask an expert” series. Watch this video for prime advice from an admissions director at a top 10 law school. Get the inside scoop on what it takes to get into a top law school. Commonly asked questions will finally be answered! If you have additional questions, go ahead and comment below and I’ll try to find the best answers for you. As with everything, don’t stress about applying to law school! Just do your best and the rest will work out :).

+ 2:30 – What are the most important factors for getting into law school? How can a candidate stand out?
+ 3:47 – If a student doesn’t have the “stats” should they still apply? Will they get in?
+ 5:15 – What should I write about in my personal statement?
+ 7:40 – Who should you ask for letters of recommendation?
+ 9:02 – How can a student prepare during undergrad? Does it matter what your undergrad degree is?
+ 9:59 – Does it matter what undergrad you go to?
+ 10:26 – How important are internships in undergrad?
+ 11:26 – What extracurriculars are good for law school applications?
+ 13:06 – Advice for foreign students?
+ 13:59 – Does it matter if you go to a T14 school?
+ 14:40 – Any other advice?

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Hide by Le Gang
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