A2Z: Complete Law School App Reading – "Alexis"


You can comment below or email at Dean Z at law.jd.admissions@umich.edu and put A2Z Vlog in the subject.

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  1. Thanks for this fantastic, helpful series. I have a question about applicants with postgraduate degrees trying to convert a c.v. into a resume: should the resume list publications and/or presentations (perhaps a selected list)? Or is it best to leave those out?

  2. Do you think it makes a difference to have taken the LSAT in LLM admissions? I was planning to apply to jd programs but decided to dump that plan in favor of LLMs (am a foreign lawyer), basically did not study at all and got a 168. I'm undecided whether or not I should include it somewhere in my app cuz it's obviously below Michigan's median but for LLMs I guess it does not count.

  3. Thank you for these videos, Dean Z, I’m always left looking forward to the next one! Having participated in D1 football myself, I found your general thoughts about student-athlete applicants to be very intriguing. This A2Z series—along w/ the fancy bundle of info and hand-signed letter (!)—is making me that much more excited to apply soon!

  4. If you're still doing these next year, I'd die to have you read through my app (even if it's a reject). Admissions is such a black box that it's insane/amazing that you do such thorough, specific reviews. GO BLUE and big shoutout to Dustin!

  5. Thank you so much Dean Z for the series. Your advice helps a lot of people who don’t have the resources to know how to apply for law school! It means a lot that someone cares about applicants and is willing to help them to achieve!

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