A very honest/real law school vlog: burnout, struggling with my classes, mental health + more!

Law School Week in My Life Vlog: Let’s talk mental health, stress, struggling in my classes, burnout and more! a very real look into my life!

Hi Everyone!

As this video shows, law school is not going well so far this semester lol. I’d like to say that things got better this week, but that would be a lie. That’s okay though, everyone has their ups and downs, and hopefully next week will be better! Here is a very real vlog on how stressful law school can get, and how hard it can be to deal with burnout/the heavy work load.

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What law school do you go to? The University of Michigan Law School!
What undergrad did you go to? The University of Toronto! 🙂

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  1. hey ! I’m a 1L right now and I found your channel today, your videos make me feel less alone about law school in general. Thanks for helping me feel sane 😭💘

  2. in summertime i sleep with my curtains open so i wake up really early and in winter i put my alarm on the other side of my room so i have to stand up and sometimes i just want to hop into my bed again but yeah you should just walk out of door into the bathroom and hope that you‘re awake now😅

  3. Came to the comment section expecting supportive comments and shit only to find psychoooo69 being the saltiest human on God’s green earth 😶🙄

    You’re doing great Caroline! Ignore the people dragging others down to make their own pathetic lives seem better in comparison. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Go blue! I miss Michigan so much 😭

    If there's anything I've learned in sports and how it applies to law school is that it's alright to take a break if you don't understand what you're doing wrong

    It helps in so many ways. For starters, you'll give your brain a break and you'll train your muscle memory (brain) the right way.

    It just helps. Trust me.

  5. Damm all these people in the comments are so pressed, like are y’all even in law school? This is her channel she is showing HER experience. Maybe yours is different. I’m sure her channel is going to keep growing and she is very courageous to put her opinions and experiences out there. Keep going girl, can’t wait to see your thrive.

  6. I don’t have any affiliation with law (I’m going to be an English major in the fall😂), but I loved this video. You look like you’d be such a fun friend to be around! But hang in there! Good luck to you🙃

  7. John Mark Ramseyer (born c. 1954) is Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies at Harvard Law School and a leading scholar of Japanese Law and Law and Economics, the author of over 10 books and 50 articles in scholarly journals.[1] He is known as co-author of one of the leading Corporations casebooks, Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge, Business Associations, Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, Llcs, and Corporations, now in its 10th edition.[2] In 2018 he was awarded Japan's Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in recognition of "his extensive contributions to the development of Japanese studies in the U.S. and the promotion of understanding toward Japanese society and culture.

    But yea I'm sure you know better than he.

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