a day in my life at NUS Law school (online) | Singapore University/college vlog


hi everyone, here’s a cheeky day in my life vlog! I just got a new ipad so i thought i’d add some graphics too 🙂 ipad for uni video soon anyone? let me know!

With Covid-19, my undergraduate law degree at National University of Singapore (NUS) classes have all been moved online so here’s one of the busy (and realistic) days in my school life.

UPDATE: It’s been q awhile since this video was filmed, and alot has gone on since then, stay tuned for more updates 🙂

thanks guys, hope you’re all staying healthy and well

insta is all i use tbh:
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i dont want your love by 16
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glitter by BENEE

ps: my name is jessica anthea bc i made this acct when i was 7 and was way too obsessed w the name jessica lol



  1. hi guys! here's a bonus video frm my hiatus 😀 let me know if you'd like more study vlogs/me to talk more abt what I learn in sch etc. or any other videos you guys would love to see :)) thanks for the support

  2. Hi, I'm contemplating to pursue a law degree as well. Just wondering if you're able to share or upload some of your notes online say StuDoc app? Will appreciate it lots! 🙂

  3. I swear my lifelong dream(17 yes lol) is to study NUS undergrad law but yo gurl can't afford it. It didn't seem like they had a full scholarship system for international students(usually to students from diplomatic countries) Are there any scholarship or financial aid options I can find. Or do you wanna be my sugar mommy hha jk😔✌

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