9 Biggest Law School Application Resume Mistakes

In this video, Danielle Early, Spivey Consulting Group Partner and former admissions officer at Harvard Law School, discusses some of the biggest mistakes you can make in your law school application resume.

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  1. Ms. Early,
    Thank you for all of your advice across multiple videos and topics! We really appreciate the time, effort, and date you provide to make the best choices more accessible.

    I do have a follow-up question about adding GPA on the resume, which you touched on in the video. If an applicant's degree-granting institution's GPA is markedly higher than the LSAC GPA, would it be worth placing in the resume alongside any University honors? I fall into a situation where, for some schools, my LSAC GPA would fall below the median. However, my university GPA would be above the median for the school.

    Thank you for your time and insight!

  2. Great advice! Thank you! I’m a music production major applying to law school, I’m assuming I should include some of my musical skills as long as I don’t use jargon? Do you think this is appropriate?

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