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ORA ORGANIC: (use code okcallie15 for 15% off)
vegan collagen booster:
green powder:

skims tank:
boyfriend flannel:
bike shorts:
knit hoodie:
wideleg leggings:

Ice roller:



  1. You might want to check and see if grapefruit juice interacts with your vitamins (idk if they're prescription or just like supplements but grapefruit juice can be questionable)

  2. No hate but whenever I watch this kind of videos I wonder why would a person with so little to do wake up so early just to spend the first hour staying in bed or meditating or journaling. Like I feel they don't really need to wake up at 6, they could just wake up at 7/8 and cut up on dead moments, not staying in bed complaining about how tired they are or like… Meditating less? Meditating can be important but it does not get work done for you… I HAVE to wake up at 5. At 5:10 I am already working from my desk. I don't really get it.

  3. Hi, I have just discovered your channel! Which daily planner do you use? Does anybody know? It is literally exactly what I have been searching for :O!! Love your vibe!

  4. I just found this video and I love watching early morning routines so I figured I’d give it a watch and I’m already loving everything about you so much! Definitely gonna be watching more of your videos💕

  5. why do I feel like everything in this video is inspired from lipsticks and lattes. The pictures, the face roller, law school, olaplaex, iced coffee, the cat, barefoot dream. Grace literally talked about all of these things in her past videos hahah. literally Grace raves about barefoot dreams blanket.

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