In this video I’ve got 5 tips for college undergrad students who are planning to go to law school, or are even just considering law school as an option.
These are all just things that will set you up for success when you apply to and begin law school. Enjoy and thanks for watching!



  1. well i wanted to be a doctor. I applied for pre medical school but now i'm a freshman student of law, so i here i am lol. i didn't expect this tbh. thankyou so much for this video

  2. I want to continue my degree in law but I'm taking a different course before this, do I need to apply for law school first before get into the university or I can just go straight to university and take the law course there?

  3. 1. Clean up your writing
    2. Note taking skills, test taking skills
    3. Talk to lawyers and professors, recommending letter
    4. Time off after undergrads graduation for working experiences
    5. Relearn how to read

  4. Hey, poor writing is going to kill me. I may go into the legal profession . . . right now I'm doing music and math.
    This comment is legal. Wire-shark, the digital networking tool, is legal as well! The rules laid out in the EU internet privacy law do not apply in America. Explain why Facebook has found itself under legal fire.

  5. I'd be a 1st year college this year and and I chose to major in English. Some said that I should've taken Legal Management if I'm planning to continue in law school afterwards. Have I made a mistake? Any tips or advice?

  6. Im still in highschool at the moment and ik i want to be a lawyer and i have everything planned its just im confused about my ba like how do i know what i wanna take before law school as an undergraduates degree. And how all of that works

  7. how did you know law was for you? I’m a senior in high school and I’m very confused about my future and am considering law.

  8. I can honestly say that these tips are 100% helpful. I am a recent law graduate from Northwestern and I wish I would have known these tips before starting my legal journey. It's important to give advice to ones that come after us. I also give law tips on my channel as well. Love the content! Continue to make more videos.

  9. Hi, English is my second language and I want to major in law immigration, but the grammar terrifies me. What can you suggest me. I'm. Reading more my undergraduate it's accountanting. Thank you for the video.

  10. Like all my life I wanted to be a lawyer but now I am interested in pediatrician because I want to work with kids but at the same time law always been something that I wanted to do

  11. Hey!! So I plan to attend law school once I am done with undergrad and I am currently majoring in criminal justice and minoring in political science, do you know if this will look good for law school ? Thank you !

  12. Hi! I’m a sophomore in HS and I’m considering law school after getting a bachelor’s in polisci. This fall and probably next summer I’ll be taking courses with the local community college. I haven’t fully worked out what my class schedule will look like between both schools, so I was wondering what were the most useful undergrad courses you took in prepping for law school?

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