5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Law School

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Hope these tips on what I wish I knew before law school help you guys!

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  1. thank you for this!! i'm starting at ASU law this fall and your videos have been so helpful. can't wait to see how your life progresses post-graduation! πŸ™‚

  2. I'm also graduating law school this semester and your point about friends is so true! Not making many friends in law school is my biggest regret. So anyone reading this, make friends in law school!

  3. Regarding your thinking you should have known what kind of practice you were shooting for to give you a "why" are you doing this when times where tough, I think in general this could be a recipe for heartbreak down the road. Sure there are electives in law school, and if you absolutely want to do nothing but criminal law and are prepared to work for little money and be a prosecutor or public defender there is a good chance that could actually happen, and maybe if all you want to do is be a civil litigator since that is the specialty of 50% of lawyers you might have a good chance of ending up being a litigator, but if your goal is to be something like a securities lawyer and you are not Order of the Coif and Law Review at a top 5 school forget it. Not going to happen.

    People have asked me well then how does a lawyer become a certain kind of lawyer and my answer is always that it completely depends of what job you get or what clients you get or the firm that hires you gets. I know a guy in Phoenix who specializes in dog bite and dental injuries. You think that was his plan in law school? Not even. It really is the luck of the draw. You are working in personal injury and you get a nice settlement in a dog bite case and all of a sudden you are the dog bite lawyer, or you have a case where you prove up $100k in dental injury remediation and you are the dental injury guy.

    Best of luck to you and all your classmates. My path has been "non-linear" and I would not wish it on anyone, but I have never regretted going to law school. Oh and BTW, I agree that the great friends I made resulted in law school being fun, but other than a small amount of networking, since I did not practice in the same city as my law school I never saw any or them again after law school so don't fret.

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  5. Wow..it feels weird a bit to hear you say you just graduated law school,because its like yesterday I started following your law school journey and now it is complete..So counselor I would like to say congratulations and truly well-deserved.

  6. Hi! If I wanted to work in big law as a medical lawyer, would it be ok to go to a school that has a high rank in healthcare law and is in the state I want to practice or should I shoot for a T-14 school?

  7. Hey there! Love the video! I’m seriously considering law school for next fall, planning on taking a LSAT Princeton course this Fall – wondering if you have any recs on studying for the LSAT. Also if anyone else is reading this who currently attends law school I would love to chat with you! I’m a first gen student and have been a paralegal for over a year in California! I’d love to connect with anyone for advice!

  8. Is cold call as scary as it sounds? I'm an undergrad and I want to go to law school but sometimes I feel like I'm not the best when it comes to some kind of presentation. So I get a little nervous beforehand even when I know I have to do it and I'm prepared for it. How was getting a cold call for you?

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