14 Tips for Law School Online Courses

Here are 14 tips for succeeding in law school courses that are taught online. The strategy needed for online learning is different because students spend most of their time at home rather than at the law school

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  1. Hello Professor, I just heard of this JD program at my online grad school. However, I can only seat for Bar Exam in California. I've been in an online teaching environment since 2007 and I love it. Do you recommend such an online JD program? Also, I'm not sure if once I get accepted into the California Bar, can I move forward with seating for the Florida Bar. Thanks!

  2. Do you have a suggestion about which online law schools or degree that we can apply to? I’m considering applying but it’s all overwhelming since I don’t know what criteria I should choose based on

  3. I consider these tips as a blue print to do well in law school and thank you sharing them, as I am looking to start an online Law school soon, I will go back often and watching you just to stay grounding and focus.

  4. Hello Professor Baez,
    I really love your videos and find them really helpful. Can you make some more videos on online law school. The pandemic has shifted the balance of things and I find that while I might thrive in school with face to face classes, I am finding online law school really challenging.

  5. While this video is appreciated, one can't help but feel his slow-paced explanations were for the sole purpose of extending the content to exceed 10 minutes.

  6. Has having a lazy eye affected your legal career? I noticed you now wear an eye patch. I also have a lazy eye and I hate it and worried about it when I’m a practicing lawyer.

  7. Hey professoor ! I hope you are safe and well ~ I would like to ask a question, Do you have a very good recommendation for online classes or revision websites for A level students like me who take Law, Econs and Business ? Im asking because I worry that the lockdown in Malaysia would continue and I might not be able to enroll for the April intake on this 20th April.

  8. Hi hope you are doing well, how do i find the sources of law for instance if I'm writing something about joint estate how do i get access to court Acts about that ?? So I can easily refer my professor to Acts!

  9. Hello professor Baez,

    Great video as always! Quick question. I believe you worked on a admissions board before. If schools move to pass/no pass for spring semester, do you believe they will refrain from admitting transfer students? Or do you speculate schools will go based off first semester grades? Thank you.

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