「professor yang & kang sol a— teacher (law school- 1×10)」

TV Series: Law School
Ship: Yang Jong-hoon & Kang Sol A
Song: Nick Jonas- Teacher
Edited by KHIONE

Hello! I’m back with another fmv! This is more likely a compilation video of Prof. Yang and Kang Sol A being father and daughter for 3 minutes lol. I find their relationship adorable so I couldn’t help but make a video of them. Professor Yang is often mean to Kang Sol A but he’s the proudest whenever she does something right. I just love their chemistry as professor and student. Law School is such an interesting and amazing drama but it also makes my head hurt lol anyway, hope you like it!

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  1. His smiles is not like teacherly, fatherly even not like friendly. How he smiled at her in past & how he sometimes smile at her it makes us confuse. I know they has a age gap but still if you care about that smile then shipping them wouldn't be wrong. In this drama relationships are vague. Like you also can't say JoonHwi & Sol love each other.

  2. I never watched law school but i will after final exam . I have a question in this law school prof. Yang teach sol a for preparing for exam and whole year or not ? Cause he said her that u didn't learned anything from me so repeat this year
    So he teach her for whole year or not ? Or she did self study?

  3. Not only is Kim Myung Min (Yangcrates actor) a good actor, he's also very attractive, charismatic and manly, which is something actors today lack. He deserves more recognition and love.

  4. He was ensuring his students were bulletproof in an actual courtroom not coddling them and making them unfit for real world interactions. As much a teacher as a parent figure.

  5. He is detective K, right? I couldn't recognize him without his mustache. But I recognized him from his voice. How could he still talking like detective K in this drama. it's too dramatic! Too bad for a veteran actor.

  6. They are relatable.. We have teachers who actually make students to go and study when they saw potential in them but being lazy.. For teachers they don't want to see a student going waste when they think this student can make bright future… Some example are the students who became officers in public services now.. Those teachers tell proudly this is our boy /girl in police dept, or in administrative dept

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