「 han joon hwi ✘ kang sol ; crazy how we fit girl ⮞ Law School ツ 」

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han joon hwi x kang sol ⮞ law school

EP 1-8

SONG : It Girl – Jason Derulo (cover) Megan Nicole and Jason Chen ( )

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  1. I was so upset when I found out they weren't made an official couple in the drama. How could they waste so much chemistry between those two?? I know it was not a romantic series but it would have been perfect develop the friendship of Joon Hwi and Sol A until love. I can think of a lot of scenes that could have been changed slightly to show that and it frustrates me that it didn't happen.

  2. its just sad this series end but its happy that they make it to be lawyer and prosecutor i love they squad that all succeeded and during hard time they helping each other.

  3. I especially love the scene transition with the song beat! Good job 👏
    I wish someone looks at me the way joon hwi looks at Sol A 😌

  4. I stop at ep 4 bcs I saw a scene where this guy, that I shipped so much with Kang Sol-A, saying 'because you love them' to Kang Sol-B while starring at her and fix her glasses😭 I know it's not a romance drama but- I CAN'T

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