☕️ law school vlog: finals exam, brain rot, getting my 1st tattoo! | ust law (philippines)

finally done with 2nd year! i am #dead.

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when you love someone lofi – day6
you were beautiful lofi – day6 (데이식스)
zombie lofi – day6 (데이식스)
NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 – ‘Rainbow’ ‘책갈피’ Piano Cover & Tutorial 피아노 커버 & 튜토리얼 by Lunar Piano



  1. omg i wish i found you sooner! i'm a filipina law student and kpop stan too (day6 is one of my ults!). sending love from singapore 💓 and rip groovy,, something something copyright law

  2. watched this sooo late but this is soooo good. congrats on finishing 2nd yr!!! as always, i'm amazed. juggling work, lawschool and EVEN fangirl life now 🥺💗 looking forward to more lawschool-fangirl vlogs 😍

  3. I missed your videos! Congrats on making it through! 🥳 Your tattoo's and The Little Prince reference to it is so cute 💕 also so glad someone else shares the sentiment of negotiable instruments being like a foreign language, I thought I was the only one 😂😂

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